Jamii Kingdom

Get ready for summer fun in Jamii Kingdom! At this Vacation Bible School kids will have a great time exploring an African savanna while making friends and learning how we are all part of God’s big family. Christ-centered activities will introduce kids to the plan of salvation and how we can share the Good News with others.



Indaba Place—Opening & Closing Program

Kids will gather here at the start of each day to learn new songs with motions and discover the Bible Action Point, Key Verse, and Bible Pal. At the closing program kids will review what they learned and have an opportunity to make a difference through the mission project.

Habari Hut—Bible Story

At this station kids will hear the Good News about Jesus. The storyteller will present each day’s lesson in the style of traditional African storytelling. Visual aids and thought-provoking questions will engage the kids in each day’s story and help them tie it to the day’s Action Point.

Ekpere Experience—Prayer

At this station kids will experience creative ways to pray and discover the joy of praying and spending time with Jesus. This station gives kids an opportunity to pray for themselves and others.

Sanaa Site—Crafts

Each day at Sanaa Site kids will create something new that reminds them what they are learning in Jamii Kingdom.

Furaha Field—Game

Kids will experience the Action Points through fun and interactive activities. This VBS features easy, fun games that require minimal resources.

Mapera Meza—Snack

Jamii Kingdom features fun, healthy snacks for kids to enjoy. Each day the kids will create something new that reminds them of the day’s key points.